Friday, March 16, 2012

My pH is Outta Whack!

We balance the pH of our pool water, our fish tanks, why not our bodies?

Wow, when I first read about this a little over a year ago or so, it's like a light bulb went on above my head!  Seriously, why had this not even occurred to me before?  Well, I stumbled upon it doing some healthy eating research.  Truthfully, I shouldn't say I stumbled upon it, because I have no doubt that I was led there by the Great Spirit, YaHWeH.  But when I came across all this information on why it's important to have a balanced body pH, what being acidic does to our bodies and our health, what makes us acidic, and how we can balance totally summed up my health problems and issues, and their affects on me.  I couldn't believe it!  I dove right in and started making changes, and I was amazed at how quickly my body responded!  I felt better, looked better, and functioned better in less than two weeks.  Actually, I started feeling better in a matter of days, and my skin and eyes got clearer and brighter within the first week.  I also noticed an increase in energy.  Well, it was a wonderful and unbelievable few weeks and then....I bombed.  *sigh*

 Something happened that I reacted to and upset me very, very, much.  And my emotions got the best of me and I surrendered and went on an emotional eating binge.  It was awful, and all the horrible feelings flooded back in on me, physically and emotionally.   I couldn't get back in line with the program.  I should say, I didn't  get back in line....I was not letting go of the "thing" that put me over the edge in the first place, and the anger grew, and grew, and turned into bitterness and I found myself in a trap.  All my joy, and praise, and thanksgiving, turned to sadness, complaining, and discontent.  This is really about more than health issues, I see that now..

In any case, it's been a long, extremely long,  year.  As I write this I can almost not believe how long I've hung on to things.  But the crazy thing is that I had actually fooled myself into thinking that I had let them go.  But, no, it all still lingered there deep down inside of me, hiding yet seeping out here and there in little bits and pieces.  I'm so stubborn and hard-headed that I clung to my pain, like it was my best friend, instead of clinging to the One who made me, loved me,  sacrificed and saves me.  But, praise YaHWeH, He has helped me see the light again!  Oh, I am constantly amazed at His patience and gentle nudges.  His forgiveness and cleansing floods over me, and His beauty and grace overwhelms me...and peace fills my psuche.  HalleluYaH!  Interestingly enough, the awareness and forgiveness He has brought has led me back to this place of addressing my health issues.  I am repeatedly reminded how everything is spiritual at its base.

Well, without going into all the details right now on research and the information I've gathered, I am here to say that I have started to get back in line - or should I say, in balance,  as of two days ago.  And already, today, I have noticed a difference in my energy level and mental clarity and also the clearness of my eyes.   Again, I say I'm amazed at how quickly my body is beginning to respond to these changes.  I will have to do another blog post on what exactly I'm doing and include information and  links to websites from which I've "gathered".   And I want to continue to post my progress on here as an added incentive and accountability for me to keep it going.  *little cringing face*

I'm including my children in on this and am trying to encourage my hubby to join in, as well.   Although, that's a bit harder to do.  But, I think as he sees how things are going, and through much prayer, he'll jump on into the pH pool with us.  :))

Go Green!  GO Alkaline!

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