Wednesday, February 25, 2015

My Last Day

Tomorrow will be my last day of work at one of my jobs. I've been working two part-time jobs recently. I was up to three at one point but since the death of my daughter, it's been difficult to keep up that schedule-along with being here for my 4 children still at home, dropping off and picking up girls from work, and all the other motherly parental duties facing me. The schedule has been draining and on top of that the income hasn't been sufficient. I've been wondering why I'm pushing myself to keep other people's businesses going, even though the compensation isn't that great, while I could be putting all this time and effort into working for myself. I know the answer...because it's simpler. Well, simpler in some ways, more difficult in others, not to mention unfulfilling.
So, I made a decision to quit the one job that is draining me physically and generates the lowest income...delivering newspapers.  I've been having to get up at 3:30 am and I usually get home somewhere around 7, depending on weather and other things--like whether or not I have to collect that day, break down, get a flat, or get a late start because the delivery truck is late. I won't miss it.  Not one bit. 

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