Friday, January 22, 2010

Crochet Happines

It's funny how God arranges things. I took the food over to our Homeschool Friend who is recovering from surgery and got to visit with her a bit. She had broken her ankle and will be sitting in a wheel chair through most of her recovery, which must be so difficult because she is an active lady. Although, I know that it's often during these kinds of times that God blesses His children with life lessons and reminders of how it's good to be quiet and slow down. I'm sure God will bless her as she has blessed others.

Well, she was in the process of knitting a beee-yooh-tee-ful afghan. And as I was admiring it I mentioned how I've been trying to teach myself to crochet and she quickly and unexpectedly responded, "Well, come over later and I'll help you." Wow! How could I pass up that offer? So, I'm going over tomorrow afternoon and getting help with my crocheting. giggling and clapping hands I'm SOOO excited! Hee hee.

Poor Hubby and 1 of my daughters is sick with the stomach flu. Three of my other kids just got over it a little over a day ago. There is still 1 daughter and myself who have not had it...yet. :)

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