Monday, February 13, 2012

Head To Toe

WooHoo! I've finally finished something! besides dessert  I don't know what's been going on with me but I've been in some kind of weird funk when it comes to my creative side. It seems like lately, the past 6 months worth of lately, that no matter what project I've started it's been a big fail, for one reason or another. And boy, can that be discouraging. Hmm, maybe I've been in a persistence training program for which I didn't even realize I signed up.   Anywhoo...I've made progress, thank The Great Spirit of creation!

In the last couple days, two of the projects I've finished are for my out-of-state daughters. One is a crocheted beanie. I've only completed one other crocheted hat in my lifetime and that was an earflap hat for my son. For a long time now, I've been searching for a simple beanie for my girls with no success. I've tried several different patterns but none seemed to work, the problem being my inexperience, I'm sure. So, after a gazillion attempts I put the hat-crocheting-madness to bed for a bit. Well, with holidays and birthdays approaching, the alarm went off and I woke the monster!  This time I had an acceptable result.

The directions said to be careful not to let the foundation chain twist while joining the ends.   I tried many, many things to keep it straight but as soon as I'd get close to finishing the 1st row I could see it had twisted.  Which would have been great if I had been crocheting an infinity scarf.  I ripped and stitched more times than I care to say.  I have no idea how most people manage this but I ended up pinning my foundation chain to a bolster pillow form that I had in my closet.  It worked!  Ahh, yesss, relief.

I found a very easy flower pattern here at Anne Marie's Crochet Blog.  She has so many cute things there that I'm getting a cup of coffee and going back there after I finish this post.  For my first flower, I was happy with the way it turned out.  

I decided to use my friendly bolster as my beanie model.  I think she's quite photogenic for a wad of stuffing.  :)

I'll have to give her a name.....Beatrice!   Yes, Beatrice Bolster.  That'll do.

Now for my slippers, yay!  I found an easy, easy, pattern here on Hectanooga1's YouTube channel.  I used her basic pattern and changed just a couple of things.  I made the sides a little taller and added a trim to the top edge.  
They look like booties in this photo, but they're not.  They stretch out on the foot and look more like the shape of a Mary Jane without the strap.  I wonder if the strap is the Jane part?  If so, then these are just Mary's.  :)  I'm planning on adding an embelishment to the top, but haven't picked one yet.  Flower, button, foofie fluffy ball?...I can't decide...too many choices for my over-crowded brain at the moment.

Ohh, it feels so good to finally finish a project!  Yippie Skippy, I got my groove back!  Now onto the next project.    

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