Friday, February 10, 2012

The Right Words...

     While cleaning and reorganizing my sewing/craft space I came across this booklet titled, "The Right Words for Any Occasion" distributed in 2001 by Publications International, Ltd.
 If I remember correctly, I got it along with a bunch of old stationery that a friend was getting rid of and passed along to me.  As I was flipping through it I was thinking this could really come in handy!  Sometimes I find it hard to express the right sentiment when I'm sending off a note to an individual, especially if it's someone I don't know very well.

     There are 13 categories listed filling up about 20 pages in this booklet.  Here are a just a few samples that I thought were nice:
"Hoping your birthday is wrapped in smiles."
"May your birthday make you feel as beautiful and special as you are."
"A kind gesture lasts a lifetime.  Thank you!"
"I hope it lightens your burden to know I'm here for you."
"Memories are the legacy of love."
"Good friends are the rare jewels of life--difficult to find and impossible to replace."
"Congratulations!  You have a brand-new reason to smile."  (for a new baby)
"Hold tight to the dreams you have today, and walk boldly in their direction." (for graduation)
 Hopefully, none of the people I write one of these to will have read my blog.  ;)

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  1. What a great find! I often find myself tongue tied when writing in cards.


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