Friday, February 4, 2011

Crocheted Mary Jane Baby Booties

I have been looking for a Mary Jane Slippers pattern for adults and came across this video tutorial for Mary Jane Baby Booties on You Tube done by traceyishh.  Her tutorial was perfect for me - she went nice and slow and explained everything!  And being able to watch her crochet each step was also a big help.  Besides that, she has a lovely voice and pretty hands :)) which made it even more enjoyable to view.

Here's traceyishh's

Here's my attempt.
I know I did something wrong because mine turned out a little longer than hers but I was still happy with it.   Now I need to do it again to see if I can figure out where I went wrong.  I hope I can get this down since there are a few babies I'd like to make these for.

I have also just found traceyishh's blog, yay!  It's The Jilted Ballerina, and she does such beautiful yarn work and has links to all her tutorials and patterns there.  :)

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