Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Pillow Pet Thang

My youngest son just sweetly shared with me that he'd love a pillow pet for his birthday, which is coming up soon.  I was like, "A pillow what?"  No, I do not live under a rock.  He "likes the panda one best". 

We have only gotten TV streaming into our home recently, (which I think I'm somewhat regretting - even though the kids pretty much only watch that qubo channel) and I guess he saw a commercial for the Pillow Pet.  Well, after googling it to find out what it was, I realized we totally missed the big PP craze before the holidays, and glad I am.

But, I have to admit, they are super cuddly cute!  Even though they are only about $20, which isn't much to spend on a sweet little boy for his birthday, I'm considering making one.  I've found several blogs where the moms have sewn their own, and also a couple tutorials.   I will most likely be using this one, at Twelve Crafts Till Christmas.

I hope it turns out, I don't want to disappoint my little Budz.

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